Holding Furnaces

Holding Furnaces

Holding furnaces have a very important function in the Casthouse for:

• Alloying of elements such as Copper and Silicon
• Metal treatment, removal of Hydrogen, Magnesium and Calcium
• Maximizing productivity so melting furnace time is not taken up alloying or casting

In some cases, for example with a Tilting Rotary Furnace, cycle time is no more than 3 hours, so very often two holding furnaces are used.

Melting Solutions offer a full range of holding furnaces, oil or gas fired, both stationary and hydraulic tilting. Tilting is always lip axis and can be end or side tilt to allow for the most effective position and working in the casthouse.

Combination units are also available which have the capability to melt.

Characteristics of our advanced holding furnaces include:

• Wide burner range: Sufficient power to heat refractories fast, and for melting, whilst combining a high turn down when holding where very low energy is required
• Refractory linings with high thermal insulation
• Accurate pressure control using high temperature flue dampers operated from sensitive pressure transducers
• Correctly designed furnace geometry to allow easy cleaning of furnace slopes
• Optimized burner positions and door sizes
• Doors supplied with clamping mechanisms and seals to conserve energy
• Models available with ceramic diffusers (porous plugs) embedded in the hearth for injection of nitrogen, argon and gas mixtures containing chloride
• No contact bottom or side induction stirrers for improved metal circulation and unrivalled melt homogeneity
• Including extraction hoods and furnace flue arranged on tilt axis ‘knuckle joints’ for ease of duct connections

For more information on our holding furnaces, please contact us at sales@meltingsolutions.com