Melting Solutions have developed an innovative recuperator which is a competitively priced, energy saving unit. The recuperator is a high temperature heat exchanger which recovers the energy from waste flue gasses to pre-heat combustion air. The recuperator consists of a number of stainless steel tubes through which the waste gasses are passed. The combustion air circulates around the perimeter of the tubes, heating the air to 350°C, which is then put into the burner. By recovering some of the energy usually lost as waste heat, the recuperators can make the furnace significantly more efficient. At this temperature the energy saving equates to approximately 20%. As an example this will reduce the energy consumption for melting one 1t from 1000 kw/h to 800 kw/h. The energy saving and competitive pricing of the unit result in a quick return of investment. Another benefit is the reduction in temperature of the final waste gas, which reduces the gas volume to the filter plant.

The principle of the heat exchanger is straight forward, using pre-heated air to reduce the amount of energy needed to raise the flame temperature.

The Melting Solutions recuperators can be used with contaminated gas streams and is designed with easy access to the tubes for cleaning when required. It can be incorporated in new furnaces or retro fitted to existing ones to improve overall efficiency. It can be installed horizontally or vertically.

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