Secondary Aluminum Processing

Melting Solutions Limited are experts in secondary aluminum processing.  We have many years of unrivaled experience in this field.   Our furnaces can process many types of scrap.  This allows recycling mixed low value scrap into high value ingots.  These are then able to re-enter the production chain, producing for example castings for new car engines:


  • Taint Tabor – Mixed Wrought scrap
  • Tense – Mixed Cast Scrap, even grades with iron
  • Drosses – pressed and loose all types
  • UBC – Used Beverage Cans baled and loose
  • Other scraps include swarf (also known as turnings or chips), profile scrap, foils, thermal break etc.

Final product – high value foundry ingots to international specifications

We offer technology and ssecondary-aluminum-processingolutions for secondary aluminum casthouses. Melting Solutions’ furnaces and secondary aluminum processing equipment have the most technologically advanced methods for melting all types of scrap and recycling into foundry ingots.  These are then ready to go into the production chain.  These can then be used for example, of new automotive and other cast products.

The key to profitable recycling of scrap is the optimization of energy, productivity and most important METAL RECOVERY.  Melting Solutions brings together the complete plant.  These are all tailored to the specific needs of the recycler.


To fully maximize the recovery process Melting solutions offer advanced twin chamber furnaces with metal pumping.  For drosses and more contaminated scrap Melting Solutions are world leaders in tilting rotary furnace technology.  We also have advanced reverberatory melting and holding furnaces with electro magnetic stirring technology.  These have completely unrivaled fuel efficiency, productivity and fully homogenized ingot quality.

Processing scrap requires thought and respect for the environment. Melting Solutions furnaces include thermal oxidizers (afterburners) and gas filtration to ensure our plants are fully compliant with the very highest world-wide environmental standards. Casting of the final product into various ingot shapes is done by automated continuous ingot casting lines.  These are made to suit the plant size from the smallest to the largest plant.  Even specialised products for steel di-oxidation, so called ‘di-ox’, can be cast in various shapes such as pyramids, hemispheres and granules.

Whatever your secondary aluminum processing requirements contact us now where we will be only to pleased to help