Secondary Scrap Melting Plants

Secondary Scrap Melting Plants

Melting Solutions Limited can offer complete secondary scrap melting plants for efficient melting of all types of aluminum scrap in a wide range of capacities.

A typical melting plant will consist of:

• Basic layout and design of the foundry building with consideration of scrap reception, preparation and storage.
• Handling and charging machines.
• Melting furnaces – Reverberatory, Rotary or Induction.
• Circulation systems; non contact molten metal stirrers and pumps.
• Metal transfer launders with heating.
• Holding furnaces with metal treatment and alloying.
• Metal filtration.
• Casting and stacking equipment, through to the final product.
• Extraction systems for flue gasses and hygiene hoods.
• Pollution control including afterburners, filter plants and monitoring instrumentation.

Other additions can include equipment for laboratory and smaller capacity test furnaces for the testing of incoming scrap metals. Not to omit operator training and on going long term maintenance support.

melting-plantsAbove is a typical illustration of a melting plant layout.

Main melting unit is a tilting rotary furnace, feeding two holding furnaces and one common casting line. Charging machines and full pollution controls are included in the supply.

This kind of plant can handle all types of aluminum scrap and is available for a wide range of capacities from 500 – 3300 tonnes per month production capability.

For advice and planning of complete melting plants please contact us