Tilting Rotary Furnace

Tilting Rotary Furnaces

The high performance tilting rotary furnace range from Melting Solutions produce the most effective melting furnace technology available in the market for processing mixed scrap and drosses. It is able to process many types of scrap including:

• Drosses
• Mixed scrap often with contamination (tense, taint, tabor etc)
• Turnings / swarf / chips
• Scrap contaminated with iron and steel inclusions

The tilting rotary furnace range combines advanced melting technology, process control and high quality engineering.  It is aimed primarily at recycling applications.  The advantages and flexibility of the tilting rotary furnace continues to deliver savings and efficiencies throughout the aluminum processing industry.

It delivers outstanding energy savings and increases productivity as a bulk melter for die-casting applications. For melting mixed, contaminated scrap including oxidised materials such as dross, the combination of low energy, high metal recovery and flexibility of feedstock, have shown the tilting rotary furnace to be a class leader.

Comparing the tilting rotary furnace range to other traditional rotary and fuel fired reverberatory furnaces shows significant savings:

• Low energy – typically 15% saving
• High metal recovery 3–5% increase in recovery
• Improved productivity – cycle times improves by up to 50%
• Labor savings – automated process requires only one operator to manage multiple furnaces

Advantages of our Tilting Rotary Furnaces:

The latest tilting rotary furnaces also deliver savings and efficiencies by using a proven innovative design backed by in-depth process knowledge. They are offered with the following:
• Choice of fuels to suit local conditions, oil, gas, if available, with or without oxygen (oxy-fuel)
• Double pass burner firing with ‘proportionator’ combustion system to meter and mix the precise ratio of fuel (carbon) to oxidant (air or oxygen)
• Proportionator – accurate real time ratio control gives maximum fuel efficiency and process control. For example to ‘oxidize’ smoke during the start of a charge or to fire with ‘reducing’ atmosphere and save metal oxidation
• Unique door arrangement, enabling the furnace to tilt and fire simultaneously. This gives better mixing of the charge, faster melting and higher metal recovery
• Fast charging of all types of scrap, even oversize bulky materials, door openings available up to 79" internal diameter. Fully integrated charging machines. Fast charging means faster melting, less energy and more production
• Variable melting angles. The tilt rotary door design enables the furnace body to be reclined to maximize load capacity

All of the furnace controls and functions are controlled using the latest PLC and SCADA software.  These are then communicated to the operator by a full size color HMI (Human Machine Interface) monitor. SCADA control is offered as an option. The data communicated to the central PLC from the various furnace sensors is displayed and stored.  Data includes energy consumption, process temperatures and melt results etc. These are then available to print and transmit via ethernet or wireless applications to remote locations. The tilt rotary range is available in a number of standard capacities from 1 – 23 ton.

Tilt Rotary Process

Tilt Rotary Furnaces, Double Pass Burner Firing ( blue aluminium/red slag )

1. Furnace is charged very quickly using the large charge opening.
2. Melting by double pass burner arrangement. Saving energy-faster melting.
3. The furnace is tilted to pour the aluminum out. The dry slag remains in the furnace-no wasted time opening tap holes.
4. The furnace is rotated at high speed for 5 minutes in each direction-using burner if required.
5. More aluminium is poured out of the furnace. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until no further aluminum is obtained.
6. The furnace is tilted and rotated simultaneously to tip out the dry salt slag. Amount of slag greatly reduced because a liquid slag is not needed. Faster rotation-better separation of aluminum from slag.
7. After each cycle furnace is quickly cleaned, avoiding the need for a weekly salt wash.

Integrated melting plants

Around the tilting rotary furnace  we offer complete melting plants to deliver even more efficiencies and savings:

• Fully integrated charging machines
• Mechanized metal launders and slag removal
• Holding / alloying converter furnaces, tilting or stationary
• Metal transfer systems
• Ingot casting and stacking machines

For further information on our tilting rotary furnaces please contact us at sales@meltingsolutions.com

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